Friday, October 2, 2020

Joining the Orchestra


If you would like to join the orchestra, we would love to have you!  Simply contact us and be sure to indicate the instrument(s) you play, your skill level (if you don't know that's ok!) and where you live.  We are open to mandolin players of any skill level with the one caveat that you need to be able to sight-read music!  Some of the music we play is super easy and appropriate for amateurs, and some is tragically difficult and better for advanced players.

Actively seeking mandolin, mandola, mandocello and mandobass players.  Also open to standup bass, classical guitar, octave mandolin.

Assuming you've told us what instrument you play and what is your skill level, we will email you appropriate parts, or send you a link to a PDF/Google Doc where you can download it yourself or upload it to your iPad or PC.  Let us know if you're having trouble loading it.

Due to the Coronavirus, we are all socially distancing and staying safe.  We are tentatively planning a get together for some time in January TBA, and concerts in the late Spring, early Summer.  

Thank you again for your interest!

Looking for Players, Rehearsals and Update

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